Obfuscate your javascript sourcecode with style.

Paste your code here, insert your reserved words, choose your obfuscation word and see the magic!


reserved words (space delimited):

obfuscation word (alphanumeric word without space):

wrap text at column 80
use numbers instead of words
use letters instead of words
encode strings

If you like OBFOO, you can use that as a service with a simple HTTP POST like this:
curl --data "source=SOURCE&keywords=WORDS&phrase=PHRASE" http://www.assezeta.com/sandromaffiodo/obfoo
where SOURCE is your sourcecode, WORDS are your reserved words (space delimited) and PHRASE is your magic obfuscation word.

If you want you can write your reserved words to the first line of your sourcecode using a comment that starts with //!obfoo RESERVED-WORDS.

OBFOO analize your sourcecode with a very simple tokenizer. OBFOO does not recognize the meaning of your sourcecode. Becouse of that, the obfuscation algorithm have some limitation:

- All identifiers not presents in THIS LIST and in the "reserved words" field will be obfuscated

- every expression or declaration MUST terminate with semicolon. If you omit this character the algorithm will probably fail